Pick Up Lines

Apparently, there are a lot of people who are actually co-workers in the same office or company these days who seem to be "eyeing" each other a lot. This isn't something strange, since there are indeed a lot of romantic relationships stemmed from working with someone. You simply don't anticipate it - it just happens. It usually starts when a guy takes notice of that attractive co-worker getting photocopies at the Xerox machine, and he wants to ask her out on a date.

Pick Up Lines

However, while some guys simply approach her and engage in a casual conversation which can form a stronger bond over time, others would like to be impulsive and make a good impression at that very moment. This is where they get to use pick up lines. These are rather risky to use, for the most part, since you don't want to be shot down and become the laughing stock of your company. However, take note of the following tips as well as a few examples which can help you get the attention of that gorgeous secretary, and in a positive way, nonetheless.

Always remember to play cool. If you're simply a person who isn't known for his sense of humor, don't even attempt to spout out a joke. You don't necessarily have to make her laugh. Instead, you can just be straightforward and engage in a proper conversation.

If she doesn't seem all that interested in you, you don't need to push it any further. Save face, thank her for her time and just walk away. There's always next time, and you don't have to be so pushy. It's not a frat party, it's an office, and you will need to maintain professionalism, even when you're trying to woo someone. No means no, so deal with it.

Now that's out of the way, here are some good pick up lines which you can use on that co-worker of yours if you're so hell bent on making a good first impression with just a few words:

    Let's pretend like you're talking to me, since my ex is over there.
    I lost a bet and I need to come here just to ask the hottest girl out on a date. So, who do you girls think is the hottest one out of the bunch?
    Wow, did you guys see the girl fight outside? These two girls were actually fighting outside over this guy named George. Apparently, they truly were white trash.
    If I weren't gay, we could definitely hang out, exchange some guy stories, and eat ice cream while watching "Sex and the City." After that, we can just say, "God I feel so much like Samantha right now."

Pick Up Lines

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